Texas House efforts on Patrick’s priority projects may not be enough to avoid a special session

May 24, 2017

House Speaker Joe Straus and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick
Credit Laura Skelding / Texas Tribune

Earlier this week we reported on how Dan Patrick, the Texas Lt. Gov., was threatening to send the state Legislature into a special session if the state House of Representatives didn’t approve the so-called “bathroom” bill, as well as a measure that would make it difficult for communities to raise property taxes.

In response, notes The Texas Tribune, the House took action. On Sunday, the lower chamber passed a version of the bathroom bill that many in the more conservative Senate see as a watered-down version of their own bill.

The Lieutenant Governor has expressed displeasure with the House’s solutions, calling the language of Speaker of the House Joe Straus’s bathroom bill “ambiguous.”

Straus, in turn, has called Patrick’s bathroom-bill priority “manufactured and unnecessary.”

In short, stay tuned for a possible special legislative session.