Texas: Panhandle hybrid study could help corn producers save water

Nov 24, 2014

Texas A&M Agrilife Researcher Dr. Qingwu Xue
Credit laboratoryequipment.com

Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists are wrapping up a two-year study to determine the best combination of corn hybrids, planting dates and maturity to maintain yield and maximize water-use efficiency reported Laboratory Equipment.  The lead researcher is Dr. Qingwu Xue.  He’s a crop stress physiologist.  He says the overall goal of the study is to determine if irrigation water can be saved while preserving yields. 

The Texas Panhandle study was conducted by Xue and three other researchers.

Last year’s data revealed three to five inches of water could be conserved using varied planting times.  Once this year’s data is analyzed, researchers will make their recommendations to producers.