Study: Compared with similar cities, Amarillo has a slower job-growth rate and more violent crime

May 24, 2017

Credit Anonymous Cow / Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to labor force growth and rates of certain crimes, Amarillo doesn’t measure up to similar cities, according to a new study reported by The Amarillo Globe-News.

The study, from a group called Avalanche Consulting, found that Amarillo has more violent crime and property crime than comparable cities like Lubbock, Chattanooga, and Rochester, Minnesota.

Amarillo also falls near the bottom among similarly sized cities when it comes to percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees and rate of growth in the labor force.

The Avalanche Consulting survey graded the city’s economic performance over the last half-decade a “C+.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Amarillo’s labor force has not grown since 2009, though the city has added 11,000 residents in those eight years.