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The World Video Game Hall of Fame announces 5 new inductees


The World Video Game Hall of Fame just announced five new inductees, spanning decades and universes.



Pew pew pew pew. Boom. Asteroids debuted in the late 1970s, when people played games in arcades one quarter at a time. Before long, it was on a television in my home. Jeremy Saucier works at the Strong National Museum of Play, which is an awesome museum in Rochester, N.Y.

JEREMY SAUCIER: It offered players really this mixture of challenging gameplay, glowing vector graphics, intense, kind of heartbeat sound effects.

FADEL: Also added to the Hall of Fame - Ultima: The First Age Of Darkness. Released in 1981 - the year I was born - the game was pivotal in defining the computer role-playing genre.

SAUCIER: At times, you were crawling through dungeons in search of treasure and fighting off monsters. At other times, you were in outer space, firing at enemy ships.

INSKEEP: Also, SimCity made it in. Back in 1989, that one had players creating cities and building infrastructure and dealing with the problems that can come with that.

FADEL: And two games from the 1990s - Resident Evil, which helped make the survival horror genre popular.

INSKEEP: And finally...


INSKEEP: ...Myst, where players are transported to a mysterious island. Became one of the bestselling computer games of the '90s.

FADEL: Saucier says these titles show how gaming has expanded to include people of all ages.

SAUCIER: We've often associated play and games with children. And to have survival horror games, to have games where you can manage a city, I mean, it's opening up these worlds to adults and preparing, I think, video games for where we are today.

INSKEEP: These games joined Pong, Pac-Man and dozens of others at the World Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester.

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