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Large Solar Project In Texas Likely No More If Tariffs Imposed

CCO Creative Commons

A large solar project in Texas has been put on hold and will likely be canceled if the Trump administration goes ahead with imposing tariffs on cheaper panels made in China.

As KUTreports, a 100-megawatt solar farm was being planned outside of Fort Stockton, Texas that would have brought 300 to 400 people at its peak but a threat of tariffs on Chinese solar panel imports would likely make the project too costly to pursue because solar panels account for about 40 percent of the cost of a solar plant.

The threat of tariffs started in September when the US International Trade Commission agreed with two US solar panel manufacturers that they were hurt by cheaper Chinese imports. To level the playing field, the commission supported imposing tariffs.

That might help those US manufacturers but it will likely end up costing solar jobs in the US by making panels less affordable.

Charlie Hemmeline of the Texas Solar Power Association said the solar industry in Texas accounts for over 15,000 jobs.