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TUNED IN: Survey Describes Public Radio Listeners As Lifelong Learners


This week I stumbled upon some fascinating research about people who listen to National Public Radio stations like High Plains Public Radio. Among the findings in a 2018 report:

· 86% of listeners consider NPR "personally important to them"

· 83% of listeners take action in response to an NPR sponsorship announcement

· 75% of users hold a more positive opinion of companies that support NPR.org

· 65% of NPR.org users prefer to buy products and services from NPR sponsors

· NPR listeners are 110% more likely to be top management and 114% more likely to be C-suite executives

· NPR listeners are 113% more likely to be B2B decision makers involved in one or more purchase decisions valued at $1,000+

· NPR listeners are 130% more likely to attend two or more live theater performances per month

· NPR.org users are 11% more likely to visit museums and art galleries

· 31% of NPR.org users watched a movie in theaters in the past month

· NPR listeners are 65% more likely to have taken 3+ vacation/personal trips in the past year

· NPR listeners are 226% more likely to have a post-graduate degree

· NPR listeners are 151% more likely to serve on a committee for some local organization

·  79% of NPR.org users participate in political activities

·  NPR listeners are 284% more likely to have been an active member of any group that tries to influence public policy or government

· NPR listeners are 54% more likely to purchase natural/organic foods

· 76% of NPR.org users say minimizing their impact on the environment is an important part of their lives

· NPR listeners are 316% more likely to participate in environmental groups or causes

· 87% of NPR listeners agree that curiosity - wanting to explore and learn about new things - is very important

Quite an eye-opening set of statistics, right? Y’all are impressive. Take a bow, HPPR listeners. My personal appeal: Consider asking your friends and neighbors who are lifelong learners on the High Plains to contribute to High Plains Public Radio. Click here to learn more.

Also, if you are affiliated with a business or organization that would like the attention of HPPR’s impressive audience, our underwriting sales representatives are ready to help. Learn more here or by reaching out to:

Ruth Ellen Lynch, TX Sales Rep, 800-678-7444 or 806-367-9088, rlynch@hppr.org

Dan Adams, KS Sales Rep, 800-678-7444 or 620-640-0105, dadams@hppr.org


Annie Oakley, a fabulous folk trio from Oklahoma City, will be in Amarillo and Garden City for Living Room Concerts!

Live Music Saturday in Amarillo

Saturday, March 9—Amarillo

Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast (100 Brentwood Road)

Doors @ 7p | Show @ 7:30p

Sugg. Donation: $15

(Make life easy. Please bring cash!)

Coffee provided by Palace Coffee Company

RSVP ONLINE for AMARILLO, or call 806.367.9088 to save a seat.

The following weekend they will perform in Garden City. Details here.


HPPR.org is your go-to spot for the latest news from the High Plains region, as well as our events, exclusives, and features. You’ll also find the latest national and international news. Here are this week's TOP STORIES from our website.

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