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TUNED IN: I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours


C'mon, Folks, I Mean Show Us Your Photos Of HPPR Land

Two of your faithful correspondent’s favorite things are (a.) riding his bicycle and (b.) taking pictures of places he rides his bicycle. (You can find most of the pics on my blog - www.editorbobdavis.com.)

Credit for the quality of the photos is due to the natural beauty of HPPR Land, that region covering parts of five states.

Now it’s your turn to share your photos. Use the hashtag #ThisIsHPPRLand and share your photos of the High Plains to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts.

This Is HPPR Land is the theme of High Plains Public Radio’s Spring Membership Campaign. It’s a special event celebrating the landscapes and the people of the High Plains. Tune in for special guests throughout the April 4-8 drive. Also, you can get this party started right by clicking HERE to support public radio on the High Plains.  

Use the hashtag #ThisIsHPPRLand and share your photos of the High Plains to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram accounts.

We Need Your Help

High Plains Public Radio could use your help during the Spring Membership Campaign. We need volunteers to assist us at HPPR’s Garden City offices. If you have an hour, a morning, an afternoon, or all day, give us a call or send an email.  We have a place for you – on-air or in the workroom.

Please volunteer to help your public radio station. Contact Kay Kennedy, 806-367-9088 or kkennedy@hppr.org.


Tell Us About Your High Plains Hometown And Its Future

Click here, take this survey, and share your thoughts on your High Plains hometown. Stand by. In coming weeks, we’ll have more info on this major project.


HPPR.org is your go-to spot for the latest news from the High Plains region, as well as our events, exclusives, and features. You’ll also find the latest national and international news. Here are this week's TOP STORIES from our website:

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  3. In The Shadow Of Suicides, Senate Panel Makes Rare Move To Consider Gun Control

  4. A Charity Event with TEETH: Free Dental Clinic in Amarillo

  5. Transgender Day of Visibility: Amarillo's First March on 3/31

  6. True Crime Addict and Missing Maura Murray

  7. Little Spouse On The Prairie: The Home Project Method

  8. Colorado Senate Advances Gun Control Bill After More Than 9 Hours Of Debate

  9. HPPR's Record Store D(el)ay: 4/20 in Amarillo

  10. The Walrus Is Marty: WT Offers a Class on The Beatles in April

HPPR’s Living Room Concert series brings live music to the High Plains. Check out the schedule here.


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