Off the Grid: Wes Reeves Talks Panhandle Power

Mar 1, 2021

We have all seen the national coverage of power outages across the US as a result of Winter Storm Uri, especially how it affected families across Texas. Today, we invited Wes Reeves, Senior Media Relations Representative at Xcel Energy, into the studio to unpack some of the complicated logistics of the power grids of the Lone Star state. He explains the big-picture layout of the different grids, why some areas were affected more than others, and what might happen as a result of these shortfalls. Thankfully, the HPPR-listener region only experienced a few “controlled outages,” but those further south will surely be weathering the fallout of this storm for years to come.

Hear our full interview on the link below, and thanks so much to Wes for his time and insight. One takeaway from our chat: here’s a huge high five of gratitude to all the energy workers who toiled to keep things running smoothly, as well as the generous care workers that looked out for the welfare of those most at risk. We are truly lucky to live amongst those who look out for one another across our communities. THANK YOU, ALL!