Texting while driving may soon be illegal statewide in Texas

May 16, 2017

Credit KXAN

Sending messages and surfing the web while driving may soon be illegal across the entire state of Texas, reports KXAN.

Advocates for a ban on texting while driving say they’ve brought enough lawmakers on board in the state legislature, and now they want Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to bring the matter to the Senate floor for a vote.

The proposed bill, authored by Rep. Tom Craddick of Midland, has already passed the House of Representatives. Craddick has indicated that he believes, if the measure reaches Greg Abbott’s desk, the governor will sign it.

If the bill passes, a first offense of texting and driving would result in a $99 fine. The bill would not supersede local ordinances, already in place.

Some proponents of the bill have expressed concern that the penalty may not be harsh enough. 

It’s not yet known if Patrick will call the bill for a vote.