end of year giving

Public radio on the High Plains is possible only through the giving spirit of all those who join hands to support HPPR.  And between now and December 31st your support will be doubled thanks to a generous helping hand from a special year-end $20,000 challenge. New memberships, membership renewals and additional gifts of any amount are all eligible for this dollar-for-dollar match.

Your year end support of HPPR brings to everyone in your community a news, information and music service that’s driven by qualities and values that build community. 

Planned Giving to HPPR

Dec 16, 2020

After over 40 years of service to the High Plains, there are now two generations of "backseat listeners" who grew up listening to HPPR from their childhood car seats and now continue to have public radio as part of their life. Making a planned gift to HPPR will ensure that public radio continues to be part of the quality of life in your community and across the High Plains for generations to come.

Transferring appreciated stocks and securities to High Plains Public Radio is a good way to make a charitable gift that can benefit you in two ways. When you donate publicly traded stocks to HPPR that have been held long-term (more than one year) you may avoid capital gains taxes. Plus, you may take the full current fair market value of the security (as of the date it is transferred) as a charitable deduction on your income taxes*.

The easiest way to make this kind of gift to HPPR is to have your broker electronically transfer the stock from your account to ours:

Here are four ready ways you can make a vital contribution to High Plains Public Radio by year’s end.  You’ll reap the tax benefits for 2017 and HPPR will have your added support to continue providing you and the region with public radio service in 2018 and beyond.