Colorado's GOP Senate Primary a Referendum on the Future of the Party

Jun 24, 2016

From left, Robert Blaha, Ryan Frazier, Darryl Glenn, Jack Graham and Jon Keyser appear in a Denver Post debate May 17, 2016 at The Denver Post auditorium.
Credit John Leyba / The Denver Post

Back in April The Denver Post called Colorado’s Republican primary race for US Senate the “equivalent of an algebra problem with plenty of variables and no simple answer.” Things haven’t gotten any less complicated two months later, with the Post referring to the race as a “high-stakes” crapshoot. It’s relatively late in the game, but the five-man race appears to be wide open.

However, the Post believes things are narrowing down to a race between two men. Jack Graham has consistently emphasized his outsider status as a successful businessman. Meanwhile Darryl Glenn, has called himself the “unapologetic Christian conservative, pro-life, Second Amendment” candidate. In filling these two roles, the candidates echo the positions held by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the GOP’s presidential primary.

In that sense, Colorado’s Senate primary has become a referendum on the future direction of the Grand Old Party.