After House’s Approval, Oklahoma Senate Passes “Constitutional Carry” Law

May 4, 2018

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

The Oklahoma State Senate has approved a measure that would allow citizens to carry firearms without any kind of permit.

As the online politics journal The Hill reports, the measure passed on a vote of 33 to nine late Wednesday night, after being added to the agenda at the last minute.

The bill has already passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives, on a tide of heavy Republican approval.

The measure now heads to the desk of Governor Mary Fallin, and if Fallin signs the bill, it will become law.

Many Democratic lawmakers were aghast at the bill, with Democratic senator Kevin Matthews pointing out that state residents need a license to drive a car. In response to the bill's author, Republican Senator Nathan Dahm, replied that the Second Amendment guarantees a constitutional right to bear arms, not to drive a car.