Edible Marijuana In Colorado Will No Longer Come In Shapes That Appeal To Kids

Sep 28, 2017

Credit PBS.ORG

In a few days, edible marijuana will no longer come in shapes that might appeal to kids - like humans, animals, fruits or cartoons.

As The Cannabist reports, starting Oct. 1, edible marijuana will come only in shapes like squares, circles, triangles or diamonds as part of new rules aimed at ensuring public health and safety, including keeping marijuana out of the hands of children, minors and illegal operations.

Edibles’ popularity increased dramatically after legal adult-use sales began in 2014 and with that surge, came a number of red flags about health concerns including overconsumption, accidental ingestion and concerns about the THC content of products, as some were found to contain more of the high-inducing ingredient than was indicated on the product labeling.

Those issues prompted state regulators to come up with measures that required better testing, child-proof packaging and dosing-size restrictions.

New potency regulations requiring that dosages for medical and recreational marijuana be listed in bigger font size, circled or highlighted with a bright color, also take effect Sunday.