Growing on the High Plains: Pumpkin Paradise

Jun 29, 2017

Center Pivot Irrigation
One-at-a-Time Seed Hopper

Today we'll take a trip to a pumpkin paradise, thanks to Steve & Janet Weidner. These two are regional gourd royalty, tending a massive pumpkin and squash farm on the High Plains. 

This will be the first in a three-part series about the Weidners' land and their process. From the fur-laden hedgehog gourd to the colossal "Sas-Squash," their farm yields a rich variety of pumpkin pals.This visit was full of wonders, from the hand-built trebuchet (ahem, pumpkin chucker) to their one-at-a-time seed machine. It goes to show you: with hard work and some creativity, no one can squash your dreams.

Visiting with Steve & Janet Weidner