Inside A West Texas Mountain, A Massive Mechanical Clock Counts The Centuries

Apr 1, 2018

Credit Adavyd / Wikimedia Commons

Deep inside a West Texas mountain lies a clock.

The mechanical timepiece, which rests inside a peak of the Sierra Diablo mountain range along the Texas-Mexico border, is 50 stories high. It ticks once per year.

The clock has a century hand that advances once every century, and every thousand years a cuckoo emerges from the clock to mark the passing of another millennium.

As DOGOnews reports, the clock was built by inventor Danny Hillis and funded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for a cost of around $42 million dollars.

The timepiece is built from super-durable materials like marine grade titanium, ceramic, and stone, and it’s intended to keep on ticking for at least ten thousand years.

If anyone wants to visit the clock, they’ll have to hike up a steep hill to a double steel door entrance, then ascend in total darkness up a spiral stairway so steep, it had to be carved by a robot.