In The New Year, Texans Have A Chance To Choose Their Fate

Dec 31, 2017

Credit / Public Domain

2018 is just beginning, and this year’s elections may still seem far away. But a New Year’s editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is eager to note that what happens in November begins today—and that means registering to vote.

This year’s election will determine if Ted Cruz will remain in office, and which brand of conservative politics—moderate or hardline—will dominate the Lone Star State.

The election will also find whether Democrats will finally be able to gain a toehold in statewide politics, after a generation of being pummeled.

To quote the Star-Telegram editorial, “If you care about taxes, access to healthcare, the cost of education and whether immigrant Dreamers should be deported, take the first step. Register to vote. If you feel disempowered or that your vote doesn’t count, remember 2016, when the candidate everyone thought would win lost."

2018 marks another chance for Texans to decide their own fate.