Oklahoma House Passes Controversial "Constitutional Carry" Bill

Apr 26, 2018

Credit Lucio Eastman / Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a controversial gun measure known as the “Constitutional Carry” bill.

As KFOR reports, if passed, the new law would allow anyone who owns a gun to carry it, even if they don't have a permit for it. The bill was successfully passed after much debate, on a 59-28 vote, with heavy support from Republicans. GOP Rep. Collin Walke cheered the bill’s success, saying, “We ought to be able to carry any gun whether we are licensed or not.”

Critics disagreed that the license requirement put an undue burden on gun owners, noting that Oklahoma requires voters to have an ID to vote.  “Can you explain to me why I should have to go pay for a license or an identification card in order to carry out my even more fundamental right to vote, but I shouldn't have to carry a weapon?” asked Rep. Shane Stone.

The bill now heads to the State Senate for approval.