Proposed legislation would forgive student loans for Oklahoma teachers

Feb 16, 2017

Credit Woodley WonderWorks / Flickr Creative Commons

A new bill being proposed in Oklahoma would forgive student loans for the state’s teachers, reports KFOR.

Rep. Mickey Dollens’s proposed legislation would give Oklahoma teachers student loan forgiveness if they stay at any school for at least seven years. Educators cheered the bill, saying it’s on the right track. But, they added that the new law doesn’t solve the crux of the education problem in Oklahoma, which is low teacher pay.

Dollens responded that his bill is to be considered in conjunction with a push for higher teacher pay. “I don't want anyone to think that we're neglecting the raise,” Dollens said.

Jason Brunk, an Oklahoma assistant superintendent, was skeptical, noting that the bill contained wording that would make the law contingent on adequate funding. With a statewide $900 million budget hole, Brunk didn’t see Oklahoma finding the funds to pay for the program any time soon.