Texas, Colorado Among States With Most Solar Jobs

Feb 22, 2018

Credit army.mil

The Texas solar energy industry boasts the fourth highest number of workers nationwide, according to a new CNBC report. The Lone Star State employs almost 9,000 solar workers, just behind New York State and Massachusetts.

California employs by far the most solar workers nationwide, with a staggering 87,000 jobs devoted to solar power. In the Golden State, more than five million homes are run on solar energy.

It may come as a surprise to many that Texas isn’t closer to California in solar energy output, given that the Lone Star State is second nationwide in population and Texas receives more sunshine than any other state.

However, solar jobs in Texas actually decreased in 2017, according to the Solar Foundation. Much of the renewable energy jobs in Texas are going to wind power, of which Texas is by far the largest producer in the nation.

Colorado also ranks among the top ten states for solar employment, with a total of almost 7,000 jobs going to the industry.