Texas politician struck by falling bullet will introduce law against celebratory gunfire

Jan 5, 2017

Credit gritphilm / Creative Commons

Early in the morning of New Years’ Day, a Texas politician was struck in the skull by a bullet. The bullet had been fired into the air as part of a New Years’ celebration.

State Rep. Armando Martinez told his wife he felt like he’d been hit in the head with a sledgehammer. She took him to the hospital, where it took doctors 45 minutes to remove the bullet from his skull. Miraculously, Martinez lived. 

As The Texas Tribune reports, it’s currently a misdemeanor to fire a gun in celebration within city limits in Texas. Otherwise, it’s perfectly legal to shoot a bullet into the air when you’re feeling joyful.

Martinez now says he plans to file legislation aimed at reducing or preventing celebratory gunfire.

Another Texas man was also struck by a falling bullet on New Years’, this time in Houston. The celebratory bullet narrowly missed the man’s heart.