Understanding Colorado's Caucuses

Mar 4, 2018

Credit 50states.com

Want to understand 2018’s Colorado caucus better?

The Denver Post published an article Thursday explaining what a caucus is, who is eligible to participate and where to go for Tuesday’s caucus.

Colorado political parties hold neighborhood-level gatherings, known as precinct meetings, to start the party’s candidate nomination process and they are typically held at places like schools, churches and community centers.

Only members of the political parties are allowed to participate in their respective caucuses. To be eligible, party members had to affiliate in January and register to vote by early February. But the caucuses are open to the public, for those who want to observe them. And new this year, unaffiliated voters will be able to vote in either the Republican or Democratic party primaries in June.

The Democratic caucus locations can be found at this link; Republicans can find their locations at this link