Amarillo Breaks Ground On New Downtown Ballpark

Feb 1, 2018

Mayor Ginger Nelson addresses the crowd on the site of Amarillo's future ballpark.
Credit Jonathan Baker

A massive crowd gathered in a large dirt field in downtown Amarillo yesterday to witness the groundbreaking of the city’s new baseball stadium. Mayor Ginger Nelson delivered a heartfelt speech to the throngs who had amassed on a chilly February afternoon.

Mayor Nelson was joined by the team’s new general manager, as well as D.G. Elmore and his father Dave Elmore, owners of the group who are moving the new AA baseball team from its former home in San Antonio.  

Team owner D.G. Elmore said he hopes to create “the finest site to watch minor league baseball anywhere in America.”

The ballpark is set to open a little over a year from now—in April of 2019.

The team has yet to settle on a name. The San Antonio franchise was known as the Missions, but it’s unlikely that name will be retained after the move to Amarillo.