A Kansas Senator Returns Home to Dodge City

Oct 19, 2015

Credit Mark Vierthaler / Dodge City Daily Globe

Pat Roberts, a native of Dodge City, returned home last week. For the US Senator from Kansas, coming home is an opportunity to recharge his batteries, reports the Dodge City Daily Globe.

During his visit, Roberts participated in a brick ceremony at The Depot. "It's always a blessing to be home in Dodge City," Roberts said. The senator added that coming home gives him a chance to hear what’s on the minds of his constituents.

Roberts, who chairs the Senate Agriculture Committee, also spoke on his opposition the EPA’s Clean Water Act: “This act by the EPA is wrong. They took federal dollars and created an ap which was connected to all the environmental groups in the nation. They started getting comments and went and said '90 percent of Americans want clean water.' The problem is it was a two-page act with 88 pages of regulations.