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Two new polls have revealed some interesting insights into the minds of Texas voters.

As Houston Public Media reports, a new poll from the University of Texas/Texas Tribune shows that 47% of Texas voters said they would prefer a Democrat in the White House, compared to only 42% who favor President Trump.

Federal Government is Unpopular With Texas Voters

Feb 26, 2015

The latest poll from the University of Texas and Texas Tribune shows the federal government isn't winning any popularity contest with Texans.


What drove the tide of GOP victories in Kansas and proved many pollsters wrong?  Political Science Professor Chapman Rackaway of Fort Hays State University believes the answer is simple -- Republicans just turned out in greater numbers.  

In an interview with Stephen Koranda of Kansas Public Radio, Rockaway explained that the GOP accomplished that by using sophisticated data models and tools that helped them contact the right people, in the right way, and get them to vote.


With Election Day upon us, Nate Silver, the polling analyst famed for his accurate forecast of the 2012 election, has his final projections for hotly contested races in our region:

The gossip on states

Sep 2, 2013

Side-by-side Kansas and Colorado were ranked first as having “the worst” and “the most beautiful” scenery in the country, respectively, according to a recent poll by Business Insider.  It is not clear whether eastern Colorado was considered part of Kansas or Colorado by the poll respondents.