New Federal Law Will Hold Oklahoma Schools Accountable For Failures

Sep 27, 2017

Credit amboo who? / Flickr Creative Commons

A new federal education law will give Oklahoma more freedom and responsibility when it comes to fixing its failing schools, reports StateImpact.

A move away from the rigid guidelines of No Child Left Behind, the new Every Student Succeeds Act gives states the ability to write their own plans for improving academic outcomes. Oklahoma submitted its plan last week. The new law means, when a public school begins to falter, local leaders will be held responsible. The new law also applies a new grading system to schools.

Officials say the new A-F system will be more accurate, and won’t divert precious time and resources away from schools that really need it. However, the new level of accountability for Oklahoma school officials can be scary.

Now that Oklahoma has submitted its plan for change, says state superintendent Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma schools will have to step up.