NY Times: Kansas Primary Results an "Encouraging Sign"

Aug 9, 2016

Credit Chris Neal / Topeka Capital-Journal/AP

Last week The New York Times editorial board waded into Kansas politics to laud the decision by voters in the state’s GOP primary. Last Tuesday, moderate Republicans in Kansas scored a dozen “impressive victories” over their far-right opponents. The primary’s losers were all loyal to the state’s beleaguered governor, Sam Brownback.

Kansas voters also sent the extremely Conservative Tim Huelskamp back to the private sector. Huelskamp had been one of the most adamant obstructionists of moderate policy in Washington.

The Times lamented that Brownback’s “disastrous experiment in trickle-down economics has busted the state budget and angered voters suffering from slashed services.” The Times concluded, “The primary results are an encouraging sign that voters in this election year will, if provoked, look beyond the statements of ideological crusaders to demand positive results in their lives.”