Texas Lawmakers Give $20M Funding Hike To Controversial Anti-Abortion Program

Nov 20, 2017

Credit hhs.texas.gov

The State of Texas is giving a controversial anti-abortion program a hefty new influx in funding, reports The Texas Tribune.

The program, known as Alternatives to Abortion, will receive $20 million in taxpayer money over the next two years.

The initiative will use the funds to further its purpose of discouraging women from getting abortions in Texas. Alternatives to Abortion offers services such as financial counseling and support groups for new parents. The program also provides children’s items, “such as car seats and infant formula.”

The new funding will bring the program’s operating budget up to almost $40 million.

Heather Busby, an advocate for choice, decried the funding boost, asserting that Alternatives to Abortion saps money away from other family-planning and women’s health organizations.