Top Texas Political Pundit Believes Lone Star State Could Turn Blue In 2018

Dec 17, 2017

2016 presidential election county results in Texas
Credit Wikimedia Commons

A top Texas political observer published an editorial in The Houston Chronicle this week, detailing her reasons for believing that Democrats will overtake Republicans in votes next year. Erica Greider was careful to note that her statement was “not a prediction, exactly.” She described her prognostication as “just a feeling, or hunch.”

But then, she remarked, stranger things have happened.

As the deadline to file candidacies for the 2018 elections passed last week, Democrats were able to boast “a full slate of candidates for statewide offices, as well as every congressional district and most seats in the Legislature. . . . Many of them are impressively well-qualified.”   

Furthermore, Greider noted that she has been listening to what Texans on both sides have to say. "Many ... are scared or sad — or both. And many . . . don't care what color the state is; they just want change."

Before joining the Chronicle, Greider was correspondent for The Economist and a senior editor at Texas Monthly.