In Wake Of Bathroom Bill Failure, Texas House Speaker Launches Pro-Business Committee

Oct 12, 2017

Credit Michael Barera

The Texas Legislature’s controversial “bathroom bill” generated a strong backlash among the business community this year. The proposal was ultimately stopped, largely due to the moderate leadership of House Speaker Joe Straus.

Now, as The Texas Tribune reports, Straus is putting together a committee to make sure Texas is smart about attracting new companies going forward.

In a speech announcing the committee’s formation, Straus said, "It’s time that we re-assert that Texas is fully committed to private-sector growth.”

He added, “There should be no ambiguity that the Texas House will focus on the big and consequential instead of the petty and the polarizing.”

The new House Select Committee on Economic Competitiveness will be chaired by state Rep. Byron Cook, a Republican from Corsicana.