West Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry Calls For Syrian Airstrikes

Apr 9, 2018

Credit FreedomHouse / Flickr Creative Commons

Mac Thornberry, the U.S. Congressman who represents most of the Texas Panhandle, came out this week in favor of a new round of airstrikes against Syria. Thornberry serves as the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

As POLITICO reports, Thornberry approved of the idea of sending missiles into Syria to punish President Bashar Assad for poison gas attacks the Syrian leader committed this weekend. Thornberry also encouraged U.S. allies to help with the retaliation.

Speaking on Fox News, Thornberry threw his support behind an “an international condemnation of chemical weapons.” The West Texas Republican joins with administration officials like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis in favoring airstrikes against Syria.

Last year, the Trump Administration sent 60 tomahawk missiles into Syria, destroying a Syrian airbase.