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New Research Sheds Light On Oklahoma’s ‘Brain Drain’


College graduates are leaving Oklahoma at higher rates than any other demographic group according to the Kansas City Federal Reserve.New researchshows the state lost a record number of college graduates from 2013 to 2017.


“Not only have more been moving out than moving into Oklahoma the last five years, the outflow has been the biggest since at least the 90s,” said Federal Reserve economist Chad Wilkerson, who led the research. “ It has also been concentrated heavily in what I call ‘working age categories,’ especially the 25 to 34 age range.”




The study is a follow-up to research Wilkerson published in April on general migration trends. He found that thenet loss of residents has pushedOklahoma’s population growth rate to its lowest point since 1990, withcollege graduates leading the way.   

Oklahoma is losing over 5,000 graduates each year, and most are moving to Texas. Other popular destinations includeWashington, Colorado, Arkansas and California.


Wilkerson pointed out that the number of college graduates moving into Oklahoma has held steady.

“The issue is not attracting college graduates to Oklahoma. It's keeping ones who are here from going somewhere else,” Wilkerson explained. “It creates a different potential set of solutions.”

Wilkerson warns thetrend could have long-term consequences for Oklahoma’s economy, because earning and spending tend to increase with education.

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