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How Americans really feel about their neighbors, the media, schools, and corporations


Americans, especially those in largely rural states, have little confidence in their neighbors, elected officials, media outlets, and schools reports Emily Badger for the Washington Post.

When it comes to public schools, Nebraska has the most confidence.  40 percent of Kansans have a great deal of confidence in the education system.

Residents of Mississippi talk about politics with their friends the most.  In the listening region, Colorado takes the top spot.

Utah has the most neighborhood trust.  Colorado residents trust people in their neighborhoods the most in the region.  

Very few High Plains residents buy or boycott products or services because of the social or political values of the company providing it.  Texas is at the bottom with only 8 percent.

Utah has the most people participating in religious institutions.  Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas are pretty much tied at 20 percent.  Nebraska is slightly more at 21 percent, and Colorado a bit less at 17 percent.

Utah has the least confidence in the media.  Oklahoma takes regional honors with 49 percent having little or no confidence. 

When it comes to trusting corporations, New Mexico has the least.  Oklahoma and Texas are tied 36 percent.

The Current Population Survey asked people quirky questions about how people relate to each other and the intuitions in our lives.  More than 150,000 surveys were recorded in 217 counties and 76 cities.

Interactive maps can be found here.