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Slate Unveils List of Favorite Slang Words for Each State

The online magazine Slate has come up witha list of favorite slang words for each of the fifty states, plus the District of Columbia. Some are widely recognized, such as California’s “hella” and Hawaii’s “aloha.” Others are less well-known, such as Connecticut’s “glawackus.”  

For Texas, Slate decided on “hoss,” meaning partner or friend. Oklahoma’s word was decided to be “quakenado,” an earthquake that occurs at the same time as a tornado. Kansas was given “shucky darn,” an expression equivalent to “wow!” Nebraska’s word is “runza,” a pastry consisting mainly of ground beef and cabbage, while Colorado’s word is “fourteener,” a mountain more than 14,000 feet high. 

Slate stressed that these words are not put forth as the definitive “right answer”; they’re simply the editors’ favorites.