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An Ancient Sea Left Amazing Chalk Monuments in Western Kansas

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Million years ago Western Kansas was covered by a great inland sea. The sea left chalk behind, creating the great formations known as Monument Rocks, now a national park in Gove County. It also left vertebrate fossils, like sharks and fish. This huge inland sea had a powerful effect on the land to the west—and the dinosaurs living there. Member station KPR says the best place to see the chalk left over from this sea is at Monument Rocks, or at Castle Rock in eastern Gove County.

Another good place to get a look at the chalk is at the Smoky Mountain Ranch in Logan County. The ranch is owned by the Nature Conservancy, and they have opened hiking trails there. This is a great place to see the chalk deposits up close. Vertebrate fossils are rare, but you  might see fossils of oysters or giant clams. To make the trip, check the Nature Conservancy website for directions.

Listen to KPR's full story below: