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Kansas Now Has an Official Marvel Superhero

Marvel Entertainment
Hays Daily News

Kansas now has its own Marvel superhero, reports The Hays Daily News.

The comic book behemoth Marvel Entertainment has named The Sentry as their official superhero for the Sunflower State. The Sentry is described as a recovering addict with the power of a million exploding suns. The announcement is part of a national promotion campaign for an upcoming comic book, U.S. Avengers #1. The Sentry, whose real name is Bob Reynolds, first appeared in print in 2000.

The comic will feature special covers for every state. The heroes for the other states in the HPPR listening area haven’t been announced yet.

DC comics has its own superhero who hails from Kansas, an obscure character known as Superman. In most versions of the story, Clark Kent’s hometown of Smallville is located in Kansas.