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Chillin' at Willie's Place: Luck Reunion 2019

Shakey Graves performs at the main stage at Luck Reunion.

There really aren't words to describe the exhiliration one feels upon walking up to the Luck Reunion entrance gate every year. You know you're about to see some of the greatest artists performing live acrosss four different stages, in a space enchanted with the community, love, and family spirit of Willie Nelson and his dedication to promoting art, poetry, and kindness. Sure, that was a run-on sentence, and yeah, it all sounds very lofty, but trust me: it's that touchy-feely.

I chose to cover the fest this year in a flipbook of photos, so check them out. The bands featured in 2019 ranged from blues to folk to country to soul to Americana to rock to singer-songwriter to indie to international singer-songwriters, and each offer a different flavor throughout a long-haul day of skipping from stage to stage, taking in as much as you can, even though you know you're bound to miss a lot of really great songs. I am honored to have been selected to cover this event, and I hope HPPR continues to take in this overdose of the best in modern music, presented by The Red-Headed Stranger himself. Somehow, each year feels better than the last -- and we're hoping to always be there to cover this festival.

***A huge thanks goes out to Maria Ivey of IVPR in Nashville, TN for the press hookup. Your generosity  means so much to the people of the High Plains, as this festival allows me to present great artists during my show, High Plains Morning. So THANK YOU!