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Looking Back with Gratitude: Radio Ray Returns


Chapter Two  

How did it all begin? Like most impossible things, it began with a dream. In July 1975, college student Quentin Hope shared his dream with friends, who had gathered for dinner at the home of his parents Dolores (Dodie) and Clifford Hope, Jr.

When the evening ended, the idea of the Kanza Society, a non-profit organization with a mission of bringing community public radio to southwest Kansas was formed.

A little over two years later at the first meeting of the Kanza Society, Inc., January 22, 1978, the application for filing with the FCC for permission to construct a noncommercial FM broadcast station was unanimously approved. The dream of community radio in southwestern Kansas was taking shape. 

Public awareness was key. Artist Wendy Hale Davis’ Radio Ray was enlisted to help get the word out by encouraging potential listeners to BUY A WATT at $1.00 per WATT. Or perhaps 5, 25, 100 or even a 1,000! He promised radio “as we’ve never heard it before”, and blanketed the region with flyers promoting KANZ-FM 91, Community Radio, A Sound Investment. 

The station’s hopes depended on the “saddling up” of the common man or woman who lived in small to mid-size towns or in rural counties (20 people per square mile) or frontier counties (fewer than six) – the public in what was to be KANZ Public Radio.

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