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Looking Back with Gratitude: The Pioneer Spirit


Chapter Three: I’m ready for KANZ FM Public Radio! Bumper stickers bearing this message began appearing on cars, trucks, tractors, and saddle bags on highways, byways, and farm and ranch land as news of what is coming spread – a new community resource that will be a combination of school, library, concert hall and Chautauqua.

The pioneering spirit of commitment and determination played a major part in the beginnings of the beginning. Volunteers wrote applications and letters, held fundraisers, made presentations, renovated the abandoned school house in the spirit of barn raising (Doug Woods, carpenter, and Gary Weber, electrician, played key roles), and were there for myriad other tasks. Vincent Mancini was the architect. 

Even the mothers of the young staffers helped. The Mothers Club played an important part in the development of the Station, making sure the young staff and volunteers were well fed, especially during the Marathons.

Favorite dishes like Dodie Hope’s Slow Cooker Ham, Potatoes, and Green Beans; Kathleen Holt’s Cimarron Hotel’s Pumpkin Stew, and Orpha Stormont and Edith Leonard’s Fiddle-Faddle and Cinnamon Sticks were always a hit. And, of course, there is the famous pot of beans left to “simmer on” by horsemen out on the trail, but that is another story better told by citizens of Cimarron.

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