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Dream Big: The Imaginaries Release Long-Awaited Debut Album


Today is a really big deal for Oklahoma folk duo The Imaginaries—something they’ve been dreaming of for a long, long time. Both Maggie McClure (piano, keyboard, vocals) & Shane Henry (guitar, vocals) have been awaiting the release of their debut, self-titled album, The Imaginaries, since well before the pandemic. And now, despite an epic series of setbacks and disappointments that might otherwise have derailed the project if it wasn’t for their tenacity, positivity, and dedication to their music, the album is finally out and ready for the world. Today on High Plains Morning, we talked to Shane and Maggie about the big release (which includes an American Songwriter Instagram takeover and a kickoff concert streaming online tonight), the record production in Muscle Shoals, their collection of striking videos, and the long path to March 26th. Plus, these two High Plains heroes graced us with a live, “in-studio” performance from their remote, OK sound room – just for HPPR! (Thank you!) Check out their website to learn more about their music, and click the link below to hear our full interview.