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One Small Step: Amarillo Residents Reflect on Growing up in a Military Family (StoryCorps)

Amarillo residents Jay Parker & Pam Lehman

On this debut segment of HPPR's One Small Step initiative, we check in with two residents from the Texas Panhandle, Jay Parker and Pam Lehman. They compare notes about their experiences growing up in Air Force families.

On this Veterans Day, we debut the first feature from High Plains Public Radio’s StoryCorps/One Small Step initiative. Amarillo’s Jay Parker and Pam Lehman both grew up in Air Force families. In this One Small Step conversation, they reflect on how their childhoods, as military kids, could feel a lot different if they were on-base versus off-base.

Tune to All Things Considered this evening at 5:44 PM CT to hear it on air, or click the blue button at the top of this page, and stay tuned for more One Small Step features on High Plains Public Radio. If you'd like to participate in a conversation, click this link to fill out a questionnaire and be matched with someone in our region.

MORE ABOUT ONE SMALL STEP: No matter their political leanings, a majority of Americans agree that divisiveness is a major problem impacting our ability to deal with the pandemic and serious challenges facing our country. There is hope: A majority of Americans also say they are optimistic that our country can overcome political divisiveness in the years ahead. At a moment like this, aren’t we called to try to find a better way forward — together?

One Small Step is an effort to reconnect Americans, one conversation at a time.

In collaboration with national nonprofit StoryCorps and other community organizations throughout our region, we invite you to meet someone new - a fellow resident with different views from you, who you might never talk to otherwise - for a simple, personal, 50-minute conversation.

Tested and safe, One Small Step conversations are:

  • Hosted virtually by a trained facilitator
  • Seamless, powerful, and respectful
  • Archived as part of American history at the Library of Congress, if you choose.
  • Never shared without your permission

Do you believe we have more in common than what divides us? Have a conversation, and see for yourself.