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Roarin' Good Time: Jurassic Quest in Amarillo This Weekend


From today through Sunday, the Tri-State Fairgrounds in Amarillo have been transformed into a "land before time" with the arrival of Jurassic Quest.

Have you ever imagined going back, way back, to a land without humans, when dinosaurs ruled earth, sea, and sky? Thanks to Jurassic Quest, a live-action traveling dinosaur exhibit, you no longer need to imagine. Local residents can walk amongst cold-blooded beasts like Triceratops, Megalodon, and (of course) the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This weekend at the Tri-State Fairgrounds, catch this magnificent menagerie that features lifelike prehistoric pals of land and sea. Kids can meet a newly-hatched baby dino, as well as take a ride on a saddled, scaly steed. Event hosts are on hand to share inside science, and the exhibit proudly displays actual fossils, full-scale casts, and more. Here's a fun fact: "Unlike the popular scene we all know from Jurassic Park, full-grown velociraptors were actually more like the size of a turkey," said Roarin' Riley, resident Dino Trainer.

The Jurassic Quest exhibit will be on display until 6:00p CT on Sunday, February 27th. Tickets and information can be found here. HPPR was excited to get a sneak-peek tour. (Thanks, Riley!) Also, thanks to Laura Mueller for joining HPPR on the "quest."

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