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Forrest & Margaret McCurren: Live on "High Plains Morning"

Today, we had a full program of live folk, thanks to Kansas City's own folk duo Forrest & Margaret McCurren. They're playing the Golden Light Cantina tonight, with Jenna & Martin.

"Never trust a one-'R' Forrest!" This advice came from one of our esteemed guests today on HPPR — and well, I simply didn't know...so I'm glad I do! We were thrilled to welcome Forrest & Margaret McCurren into the studio today on High Plains Morning, for the first time (but we hope not the last). They're touring withJenna & Martin, and they're all playing Golden Light Cantina tonight (2906 SW 6th Ave., Amarillo). For the full interview and in-studio set, click the audio link at the top of this page. They promised some music is on the way, and we'll get that in rotation ASAP. To learn more about the music, visit Forrest's Facebook. See y'all out at the show tonight, I hope!