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Bringer of Good News: Live In-Studio with Tennessee Tuckness

Tennessee Tuckness, LIVE on High Plains Morning

Today on High Plains Morning, we welcomed Amarillo singer-songwriter Tennessee Tuckness into the studio for a chat and a few songs. (Ahem, it seemed we chatted a little too long!)

It's about time we had Amarillo-based singer-songwriter Tennessee Tuckness live in the studio on High Plains Morning! Well, today was the day, but it seems we just got to gabbin' and ran out of time for more MUSIC. (Don't worry. She'll be back!)

Playing guitar since age 14, Tennessee has been a regular fixture in the lively music scene in the Yellow City. The combination of her masterful picking and enchanting voice make every song a true experience. Edging along a combination of country, folk and blues, her songs express real heart—something HPPR listeners always appreciate.

Her latest release, "Matters to You," came out last May and features Nashville session player Tim Crouch. She also has a new video for her recent single "Bringer of Good News."

If you want to catch her live set, here are a few upcoming shows in Amarillo:

-Friday, 9/16: Six Car Pub (with Gary Wayne Thomason)

-Friday, 10/7: Concerts in the Canyon (with full band: Gary Wayne Thomason, Buddy Squyres, Rick Faucett & Lance Allen)

-Friday, 10/28: Golden Light Cantina

Also, she recently did a live-recorded performance with West Texas A&M University's "One Sessions."

To hear our full interview and her live set, click the link at the top of this page. Please note that her second song, "Last Chance Cafe," was cut off on the air — but the link has the full song! Check it out.

Jenny Inzerillo joined HPPR in 2015 as the host of High Plains Morning, our live music program that airs weekdays at 9 am to noon CST. Broadcasting from KJJP in beautiful downtown Amarillo, she helps listeners wake up with inspired music from our region and beyond. Tune in for new voices in folk/Americana, deep cuts from your favorite artists, soulful tracks from singer/songwriters across the world, and toe-tapping classics dating as far back as the 1920s. Plus, discover underground greats that just might be your new favorite band.