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Slay, Queen: Spring Vibes Get Sprung on Curtis McMurtry's Latest Album, "The Pollen & The Rot"

Curtis McMurtry released his latest album, The Pollen & the Rot, on May 31st.

Part of a four-album series, this latest release wears the season of rebirth and awakening like a bespoke ball gown — and she's ready to party. Catch our full interview with Curtis about the new songs, taking on a seasonal suite, his favorite Tom Waits tunes for October, his writing and recording process, and the crack team he trusts to perfect the tracks.

While you might be simmering in the heat of our unforgiving High Plains summer, I thought we could take a break to talk SPRING. That’s the subject of the latest release from one of our Austin-based favorites, Curtis McMurtry. The Pollen & The Rot celebrates the multitudes contained within the horniest of all seasons, so I was thrilled to get the him on the phone. If you’re a regular listener to High Plains Morning, you’re surely familiar with his work from Respectable Enemy (2014), The Hornet’s Nest (2017), and Toothless Messiah (2021) – which we discussed upon its release. And this latest installment follows perfectly with an expertly-burnished collection of songs that roll from weaselly greed to joy uninhibited — which somehow feels all-too-appropriate in 2024.

So click the link at the top of this page to hear my full interview with Curtis McMurtry, a gifted singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around champion of raising both middle fingers to a world that continually attempts to pluck our petals without permission. Visit his website to learn more about his music, the new album, upcoming shows and more.

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