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Under Oklahoma Legislative Review: The Illegality of Delivering and Advertising Raw Milk


It’s illegal in Oklahoma to deliver or advertise raw milk, and a growing number of Oklahomans are choosing raw milk.  The increased demand has prompted an interim legislative impact study on the legalization of raw milk delivery and advertising according to State Impact Oklahoma.

State Rep. Ken Walker, R-Tulsa led the study.  Several Oklahomans testified about the benefits of the unpasteurized product. 

  • Edmond Naturopathic practitioner Michele Menzel says she recommends raw milk to all her patients, and her own family.  She says it was a huge part of healing herself and her son.
  • Joanna Francisco is a mother of four.  She says since her family has been consuming the product, they haven’t been sick or to the doctor in eight years

Rep. Walker has been drinking raw milk his entire life.  He says the issue is not the possible benefits, but product access. 
Blayne Arthur is with the state Department of Agriculture.  She says there is a good reason for people to be cautious.  Raw milk contains microbes and bacteria, some of which are good for you.  Pasteurized milk has been heated to kill those organisms.  Arthur says it is possible to become sick from raw milk, but pasteurized milk is almost 100% safe.  Arthur also says she isn’t necessarily against drinking raw milk, she just thinks its best for customers to go to the farm and see the milking operation for themselves.