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How One State Is Working to Solve Its Rural Grocery Store Problem

Rural Blog

The rural grocery store crisis in Minnesota has become the focus of rural communities across the country, who see themselves in the woes of the Land of a Thousand Lakes. According to a recent survey, more than a third of rural Minnesota grocery store owners don't expect to be in business in five years. The problem? Competition from chain stores, including dollar stores and Walmart, which offer cheaper prices. Lack of community support has also been an issue. 

But, as The Rural Blog reports,one Minnesota legislator is fighting to change the trend. State Rep. Rod Hamilton is seeking a $10 million appropriation to help stop businesses from closing. Hamilton admits it’s an uphill battle in a year when state funds are scarce.

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and other Democrats in the state have also repeatedly called for additional money to help Minnesota’s minority and poor communities—including rural communities.