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As Technology Advances, Freelancers Head for the Heartland


With each year, the number of Americans who earn their living by freelancing increases. And as the number of people who work from home grows, so does the number of freelancers who are taking to the countryside.

According to an online study conducted for Upwork and the Freelancers Union freelancers now account for 35 percent of the American workforce. And of those, almost 20 percent choose to live a rural lifestyle.

The move to the heartland is a result of changes in technology; freelancing in small-town America wasn’t a possibility even a decade ago. But today, with an internet connection and cell-phone coverage, freelancers can set up shop just about anywhere.

So, why are so many freelancers heading for Mayberry? Lower cost of living is reason enough. But many freelancers also love the quiet and the slower pace of life in the heartland.