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Center for Rural Affairs in favor of act that would collect sales tax on items purchased online


In rural Nebraska, over 70 percent of the state’s net job growth come from people creating their own jobs, by owning their own businesses, but a current law is undermining the success of small business by favoring online retailers.

According to the Center for Rural Affairs, leveling the playing field by passing the Remote Seller Sales Tax Collection act, which would collect sales tax on items purchased over the Internet.

According to the CFRA, Nebraska is home to over 145,000 microbusinesses, making up 86 percent of all businesses in the state. Of these, 74 percent report the microbusiness as the sole source of household income. Over 24 percent of Nebraskans are employed by a microbusiness.

Nurturing locally-owned businesses puts the economic future of the community in the hands of its own members. This builds local leadership and strong communities. Eliminating loopholes that benefit online retailers gives these businesses and the communities they depend on the best opportunity to thrive.