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Oklahoma Energy Group Proposes Putting Oil Tax On Ballot

BLM/Public Domain

A group of small oil and gas producers in Oklahoma has grown frustrated with the lack of progress in the Sooner State. In their view, the state Legislature has been negligent by failing to raise taxes for necessary state business like teacher pay raises. In response the group, known as Restore Oklahoma Now Inc., has announced its plan to try to bring the matter to voters.

As Oklahoma Watch reports, Restore Oklahoma announced a plan that week to put a state question on the 2018 ballot that would set a permanent 7 percent tax on all oil wells. If the measure passes, the money will go toward raising teacher salaries and easing the dire shortage of teachers in the state.

However, the effort will face a steep uphill battle from the powerful Oklahoma oil and gas lobby, as well as many Republican lawmakers, who have consistently chosen low tax rates for oil producers over higher pay for teachers.