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Oklahoma Beer And Wine Operations Rev Up For Statewide Sales Expansion

Public Domain via Pixabay

This fall, grocery and convenience stores across the state of Oklahoma will begin selling wine and cold, strong beer. The move comes in the wake of voter approval of State Question 792, which loosened the state’s stringent liquor laws.

And now, as the president of the Oklahoma Beer Alliancetells KFOR,the modernization of Oklahoma’s beer and wine laws is “giving an extra boost to the already growing Oklahoma beer industry.”

Lisette Barnes said statewide beer distributors have been “hiring new employees, purchasing additional delivery trucks and expanding their climate-controlled warehouses” to ensure future success.

Meanwhile, the state’s Anheuser-Busch operation recently completed a major warehouse expansion, as did Oklahoma’s arm of Belle Point Beverages.

The new law takes effect Oct. 1.